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WHAT YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD TO DO THE CALENDAR: – Large calendar downloads will be up b’eh by June  10 –

1. The template(s) for the program(s) you are using for your ads, etc. (The envelope template is included.)2. Optional files found under the template files you may want/need:

a.? Picture of the Rebbe to put onto one of the pages, together with your own dedication.

b. Sample calendar for next year.

c. The reduced-size last 3 months of NEXT year to place on the back cover or elsewhere.

d. For the SMALL calendar: the neshek & recipe pages. (They are already on the big calendar.)

e. A complete sample of LAST YEAR?S calendar ? in large or small size.

f. An aid for selling ads.

NOTE: If you wish to use your templates from last year, as is or updated, please click here for details.

Type of Program

Big Calendar
(Coming soon)

Standard Calendar

InDesign CS-CS6
Microsoft Publisher 2007 and newer
Microsoft Word 2007 and newer PC PC
JPGs to use last years templates JPGs JPGs
Envelope Templates Big Calendar Standard Calendar
NEW: Video Explaining How To Use the Templates – Click Here
Video Instructions for Re-using your Last Years Templates

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Picture Downloads

Rebbe 1

Images For Calendar Marketing 

Download here

Sample 5778 Photo Calendar 

New Dates Tool – For adding birthdays and other greetings on the actual calendar dates. 

View Page

Miscellaneous Downloads

All the Extra Stuff you might need for your Calendar