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Prepress Process

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  1. Get sponsors and ads: Click here to download an aid for selling ads.
  2. Organize your ads: Be sure to make it clear to whoever will be doing your graphics exactly where all the ads go. Both your advertisers and your personal ads, as well as those to be scanned and digital files (emails, etc.). Be sure it is clear exactly where each event, class, birthday, yahrtzeit, etc. goes.
  3. After everything is gathered and organized: All your customized information needs to be placed in a computer template. These templates can be found on the downloads page.

Who does the graphics? The design of your ads, etc., is your responsibility. You pick the fonts, graphics, ads, dedications, layout, etc. for your customization. If you do not know how to scan business cards, place them in your application, or write your dedications and birthdays into the calendar boxes, you need someone who does. Hire a secretary or a graphic designer to set up your information for you. If you need assistance in finding a graphic designer, please call our office. The majority of our customers who do their own graphics use Microsoft Publisher. However, the templates are available in 6 major graphics programs.

Everything that is the same as last year can be reused.

There are 2 ways to reuse files:

1) Use this year?s template, and copy and paste from your last year?s template anything you wish to reuse.

2) Make a copy of last year?s template and rename it. Use the renamed template to make any updates and/or changes necessary.

For the calendar ?bottom? pages (yes, they change every year), you will need to use this year?s template. However, you may copy and paste any of last year?s ads onto the calendar pages of this year?s template in the correct dates.

First, before sending us your template files, check them over carefully for any errors. Also, check carefully that the artwork is clear and sharp, not fuzzy and of bad quality (low resolution). Show it to your spouse, kids, secretary, fellow shliach, and make sure everything is perfect. There are always mistakes to be found, so correct them before you send them.

Second, read the instructions in the beginning of your template on how to prepare your files to be sent to us. Each program has a unique way of being prepared.

Third, when it?s ready to be sent, click on the button at the top.

Files for your optional centerfold insert, envelope and/or mailing list need to be sent now as well.

You need to go over with us now all details of your order ? quantities, mailing y/n, etc. A deposit for half your total order is also needed at this time

  1. You will receive an e-mail with a link to download PDF proofs of your entire calendar with all your personalization in place, together with an approval form.
  2. If you inform us of them, we will correct any mistakes that we may have made while processing your files and send you new proofs for your approval.
  3. You need to send back to us, by email or fax only, the signed approval form of the proofs . Verbal approvals will not be accepted. We will not print your calendar without receipt of your approval form.
We can mail your calendar non-profit bulk, with your return address, directly from our printer and save you the shipping costs and the bother of doing the mailing yourself.

We optionally offer to insert letter(s) or flyer(s) inside the calendar and to poly bag the calendar (instead of a large outside envelope).

For us to do your mailing for you, we need your mailing list. You may email it to us at: Include your lot number and city on the email to identify your list.

Also, if we are doing the mailing for you, make sure to use our layout for the back cover, which can be found on page 32 of the personalization page.

For your calendar to qualify for non-profit mailing rates you need to do all of the following:

  1. Put a MASTHEAD on page 2, page 3 or page 32 (back cover). (DMM: E211 10.4) The masthead may be very small and in very small type such as 6-7 point. It should read approximately as follows: Jewish Art Calendar is published by (your organization name), (your street address or P.O. Box), (your city, state, zip). It is sent free to all members and friends of (your organization name?) infrequently throughout the year. Issue #1 (or #2, etc.). (PLEASE update the issue number.)
  2. Put your organization?s name on the return address exactly as it appears on your original application for mailing at non-profit rates. If you wish, you may put it in very small size type and put your better known name under it in much large size type. You may put only ONE address under your organization name. Any other names and addresses need to be placed above your ?official? name and address.
  3. If we are doing the mailing for you, the indicia should say: NonProfit Org. US Postage PAID Utica, NY Permit No. 59 If we are mailing at Standard mail rates, the first line should say ?Prsrt Std?.
  4. Do NOT put ads for travel agents or insurance agents ? unless you do NOT mention the words travel or insurance. For example, if the company name is Smith Insurance Agency ? just put: ?Smith Agency?. Company logos or national company names MAY be prohibited. You may say, for example, ?The best service? or ?worldwide service? or ?24 hour a day service?. You may NOT say by name any type of actual insurance or travel service ? such as ?fire, health, life, home? for insurance or such as ?plane, boat, train, car rental, and/or hotel reservations? for travel. If you would receive a lot of $$$ for full travel or insurance ads, it may pay for you to take the ads and mail the calendar by standard mail instead of non-profit mail. The cost is about 10? more per calendar.
  5. If this is the first time we are mailing your calendar non-profit, we need to submit to the Post Office at Utica, NY a USPS form 3623 for each organization mailing calendars. There is no cost for submitting this form. Please fill out and sign the form 3623 which you can download by clicking here. Please send us the form ASAP, as approvals from the post office take time.
Payment of the entire balance due, including postage, all mailing and shipping costs is due before shipping and/or mailing.