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5783 Schedule


Big Calendar

Files: July 24
Envelope & Mailing: July 21

Ship & Mail Date
August 22

Small 1

Files: July 8
Envelope & Mailing: July 3

Ship & Mail Date
August 2

Small 2

Files: July 24
Envelope & Mailing: July 19

Ship & Mail Date

August 16

Small 3

Files: August 10
Envelope & Mailing: August 5

Ship & Mail Date
September 6

For over 35 years we take pride in publishing our Jewish Art Calendars. Designed as a tool to bring your moisad into the homes of your local Yidden, giving them an easy-to-use calendar that is filled with Yiddishkeit, while giving you plenty of space for your ads.

Our easy-to-use templates make it quick and easy to design your calendar, with full-service design available as well. 


With Pricing starting at just $1,600 for 1,000 calendars for standard calendars and $380 for 100 digital printed calendars, its time to start! 


Now in our 38th year, we know what it takes to get your calendar done. From easy to use templates, to full custom design, we do it. 


Click here to find the templates you need to get your calendar done.

Color Options

Looking to add some color to your calendars? From the basic to full color, the details are here.